The majority of doctors in this country will be named in at least one medical malpractice lawsuit filed against them during their medical career. Surgeons and obstetrician/gynecologists (OB/GYN) are the two most specialty fields commonly sued. According to national data, approximately 85 percent of all OB/GYN doctors in this country have been named in medical malpractice lawsuits.


Malpractice attorneys have extensive legal experience in cases that involve OB/GYN doctor negligence and understand how devastating these cases can be. If you have been a victim of malpractice, contact a law office today to find out how they can help.

When the negligent actions of a medical professional or facility results in harm to a patient, most state laws consider this medical malpractice. The most common examples of malpractice include:


  •       Misdiagnosis
  •       Failure to diagnose
  •       Misreading test results
  •       Unnecessary surgery
  •       Surgical error
  •       Failure to follow-up


An obstetrician is really responsible for treating two patients at the same time while treating a woman during her pregnancy. It is the obstetrician’s responsibility to ensure that both mother and baby are doing well, as well as follow up on any issues that could cause any issues with either of them. Medical malpractice lawsuits involving an obstetrician could involve injury or death to the child, the mother, or both.


Medical science has improved dramatically over the decades. There are many conditions and medical issues that can arise during pregnancy that used to mean serious injury or death, but today these medical advances in prenatal care can quickly resolve these issues so no harm comes to mother or baby. However, if an obstetrician is negligent in their care of his or her patient, the result can mean a medical malpractice lawsuit.


Some of the more frequent issues that can trigger a malpractice attorney include:


  •       Deprivation of oxygen resulting in brain or organ damage
  •       Failure of a Cesarean section
  •       Failure to diagnose
  •       Failure to identify a genetic or physical medical issue in the baby
  •       Failure to realize issues with the umbilical cord
  •       Failure to recognize an ectopic pregnancy
  •       Improper use of forceps


OB/GYN specialists not only treat women during pregnancy, they also provide preventive care for women’s reproductive systems. Unfortunately, there are many malpractice lawsuits that are filed because of negligence on the gynecologist part.


There are several different types of cancers that can develop in the reproductive system, including breast, cervical, endometrial, ovarian, and uterine. Undiagnosed cancers and other gynecological problems can cause different medical issues, including infertility or death. Approximately 30 percent of all lawsuits filed against OB/GYN specialists are for failure to diagnose and treat illnesses or conditions.


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