Damages In A Personal Injury Case

Determining damages for a personal injury case can be difficult to do. You can find out from a qualified personal injury lawyer like one from Hall-Justice that damages are typically categorized as economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are damages that can be quantified, such as medical bills, missed wages, and other types of financial losses. These damages are usually easier to keep track of because they are objective. In contrast, not economic damages are much more subtractive to each person. This includes emotional distress and pain and suffering. If you have questions about what kind of damages are listed for your case, you are encouraged to contact a lawyer. Below are some of the most damages you can expect.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are one of the most common damages that personal injury victims typically get. Expenses for medical care and treatment can be quite a large burden. They can amount to thousands of dollars or even much more, such as millions of dollars depending on the severity and type of injuries victims sustain. If you would like to receive the maximum compensation for injuries you have suffered from your accident, preserve all of your medical records and documents so that you can show evidence for it. 

Lost Wages

It is common for personal injury victims to miss weeks or even months of work. Many victims are forced to take time off because they are not able to fulfill their work duties as a result of their injuries. As a result, lost wages can put many personal injury victims under considerable financial stress. A lawyer can explain to you that you will need to prove your record of lost wages, such as pay stubs and invoices if you would like to recover the highest amount.

Destroyed or Damaged Possessions 

The cost of repairing a vehicle or other possessions at once can be too much for many personal injury victims to afford. For accident victims whose cars or other high-value possessions have been totaled, the cost can even be more astronomical. if you have any type of property damage, whether they are smaller objects such as phones or laptops, you can also include them in your list of damages.

Property Damage

When your property was also damaged as a result of a personal injury accident, it is often a significant increase to your list of financial losses. If you have had part of your property broken or destroyed, such as a fence or garage door, the costs of repair can total hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Do not forget about any property damage that you have suffered as a result of a personal injury accident, so be sure to include them. 

One thing that all personal injury victims should know is that even if the at-fault party is facing criminal charges – such as a drunk driving accident or assault – it is important not to wait until that case is resolved before pursuing civil actions. These are two different legal cases.

It is not right for you to have to go through the entire claims process without any kind of legal support. If you are seeking to recover compensation or would like to learn more about what you can expect if you decide to file a claim, schedule a consultation with a lawyer that is risk-free and confidential immediately for assistance.