Being involved in a car accident can change your life forever, but the type of vehicle that caused the wreck may affect the type of injuries you and your passengers suffer. Large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers and 18 wheelers, can completely devastate a smaller car when they collide. If you were involved in such an accident, there are a few differences between car and big truck wrecks that you may want to be aware of.

1. There Is Typically More Damage 

When two mid-size cars or SUVs collide, the damage may be limited to the fenders or bumpers because both vehicles are evenly matched in size, especially if speed is not a major factor. However, when a large truck or semi strikes a car or SUV, the damage can be considerable. The front end of an 18 wheeler is typically higher and broader than most sedans, which can crush the smaller car. As a result, the damage to it is usually much greater than the semi might sustain.

2. A Greater Chance of Fatality

When car accidents occur, there are different factors that can affect the odds of fatality, such as speeding, drunk driving and driver inexperience. However, when your smaller car is struck by a large semi or tractor-trailer, its sheer size can increase the chances of fatality. The odds of death can increase if the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed. Wearing your seatbelt and insisting that your passengers use them as well may decrease the chances of fatality.

3. Large Trucks Can Be Difficult To Control 

Unlike smaller vehicles, large semi-trucks weigh several tons and some can be longer than several car lengths. As a result, they can be difficult to control, even by experienced drivers. Wet or icy roads and high winds can make driving these trucks even more difficult and can contribute to serious accidents. If your vehicle was struck by a semi due to bad weather, you may still be able to sue the trucking company because the driver failed to control the vehicle.

4. Long-Term Injuries Are Likely 

Some car accidents may cause broken bones, whiplash and other injuries that heal over time. However, if your car is struck by a semi, the bodily harm you receive can impact your health for the rest of your life. Brain and spinal injuries may be more likely in this type of incident because of the size and weight of the truck and the force of the crash.

Being involved in an accident with a large truck or semi can cause devastating damages and injuries that may affect you long term. Contact an attorney, like a trucking accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray,  today by phone or web for more information.