Car accidents seem to cause a lot of medical conditions. Sometimes the victim realizes he or she is suffering, and other times the pain is attributed to something unrelated. In any case, if you feel dizzy after being in a car accident, you can assume it is related to the accident. There are some specific things you should do.

Sit Down and Put Your Feet Up

Dizziness could mean a few different things, but you won’t know until you are seen by a doctor. In the meantime, while waiting for help to arrive, sit down or lay down if you can. Put your feet up in case the dizziness has to do with blood flow, which it often does. If a headache accompanies the dizziness, you may want to close your eyes, but only if it’s not going to affect your consciousness.

Call the Authorities

You should never try to drive yourself to the hospital if you feel dizzy after an accident. If you’re at the scene of the accident, you should call the authorities regardless of injuries. If you’re dizzy, explain that to the responding officer or paramedic so you can get assistance at getting to the hospital.

If the dizziness is occurring at a later time, and you don’t have a friend or family member to take you to the hospital, calling the authorities can get a paramedic to your house. That paramedic can provide immediate care to ensure you are in stable condition, and can then take you to the hospital.

Follow Medical Instructions

It’s important to your health and your car accident case that you follow any medical instructions you are given. If you go against what your doctors tell you, there’s a chance you’ll end up with a more serious physical concern. There’s also a chance you won’t be compensated fully because you chose to go against the doctor’s orders.

Pay Attention to Symptoms

If there are other symptoms accompanying your dizzy spell, pay attention to those as well. You want to give your doctor an accurate account of what is happening so you receive proper treatment. For example, if all of your pain is in your head, it’s most likely a brain injury. If you have severe abdominal pain, you might have internal bleeding in your abdomen.

Contact Your Lawyer

Even if you’re dealing with dizziness and other injuries after your accident, you need to start thinking about your claim, and a catastrophic injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, like from The Law Office of Eglet Adams, can help. Contact a car accident lawyer to get assistance with that claim today.