What is my personal injury case worth?

After being injured where someone else was at fault, you may have a valid claim to discuss with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can explain the details of your case. There is no reason that you should be financially responsible for an injury that you didn’t cause, and a lawyer can help make sure that doesn’t happen. Meeting with a lawyer will not make you committed to following through with a legal claim but give you the opportunity to explore your options and consider how you might want to move forward. With your lawyer’s advice and guidance, you will be able to make informed decisions throughout the legal process. Talk with a lawyer sooner rather than later to ensure that your options aren’t limited.

Considerations for Evaluating the Value of a Personal Injury Claim

In order to evaluate the value of your case, you will want to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney who can over all of this information and help you determine more accurately the value of your case. Below are some of the things that you will want to gather for your lawyer so that they can review all of the details about your claim. 

  • Medical bills
    Depending on the injury and how much medical treatment was required, your medical bills could be piling up, including therapy sessions too. Your lawyer will want to review these and make sure that all expenses incurred from the injury are included in your claim. 
  • Proof of lost wages
    Not being able to work and having to take time off from your job can cost you a lot of money financially, and you will want to get documentation of the days that you’ve had to miss work and how much you would have made if you’d been at work as usual. Not being able to work can be very difficult emotionally and financially. Even if the time off from work was short, you should still include in the paperwork and details that you provide your lawyer with to be a part of your case evaluation.
  • Diary detailing your suffering
    It can be helpful to your lawyer to have some kind of documentation of how you’ve suffered and been affected emotionally. Keeping a diary of your experience can beneficial for this purpose and you can discuss with your lawyer how they might want to use as part of their valuing process for your case. 

Call a Lawyer Today

No matter where you are in the process of determining whether you’re interested in pursuing a lawsuit for your injury, a personal injury lawyer, like the Burton Law Firm, can help you determine your legal options. Your lawyer will review the details of your case in detail, provide you with legal advice, and answer your questions to help you make informed decisions throughout. Call a law firm today to speak with an experienced lawyer during your initial consultation.