Car accidents vary in their degree of severity, and if you’ve been involved in one recently and do not seem to have incurred any injuries, or think you have your injuries under control, think again. Some types of pain can show up later than you would expect. It’s important not to declare your list of injuries to the insurance company right away, in case one of these types of delayed problems presents itself, costing you additional medical fees.


If you experience headaches several days or even weeks after the accident, you may not associate them with the accident. If they continue however, this could signal a bigger problem. Whether or not you hit your head in the car accident, you could suffer a concussion or even a blood clot on the brain due to a damaged blood vessel. While you may be thinking the headaches are being caused by stress, it’s important to see your medical professional to ensure you are not experiencing something more serious.

Numbness or Tingling

Spinal column injury can cause tingling and numbness in the hands and arms, and this is something you may notice within hours after the accident. A herniated disc can even cause these types of side effects. An x-ray will often determine what is causing this and what type of treatment will be best.

Back Pain

Back pain is often delayed as well, and can be related to sprains, ligament injury, damage to the spinal cord, sciatica, and even herniated discs depending on how severe the accident was. Back pain is common in rear and side-impact collisions and can be caused at both high and low speeds. Because back pain can become increasingly worse over time if not treated, it’s recommended that you see your chiropractor or doctor.

Neck or Shoulder Pain

This type of pain can be delayed, and could indicate whiplash, one of the most common injuries related to car accidents, especially rear-end crashes. If your accident was extreme, you may need things such as an x-ray or MRI to be properly diagnosed and treated. However, if you see a chiropractor immediately, they can likely diagnose you quickly and begin the healing process which could save you future pain.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can indicate very serious issues related to internal bleeding. This is something that you may not notice right away, so seeing your doctor right after the accident is incredibly important, especially if you have bruising or purplish skin in that area. Other symptoms you may have include dizziness and faintness.

Ensure Your Health

After an accident, keep tabs on developing symptoms to catch more serious issues before they become a major problem. Do not report your injuries to your insurance company right away, just in case something else develops that requires medical attention. Consult with an experienced car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL, such as from Jeff Murphy Law, to make sure your rights are protected and that you acquire compensation for full medical coverage.