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If you ride your bicycle a lot, hopefully, you will never find yourself in an accident with a car. These are among the most serious and dangerous kinds of collisions. Because motor vehicles have so much more mass than bicyclists, even low-speed accidents can result in very serious injuries. Luckily, most bike accidents do not involve a car, but if one does happen to you, knowing what to do could save your life. One of the biggest question bicyclists have is whether going to the emergency room really is necessary.

Is the Emergency Room Needed?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Even if you feel fine, there may be injuries you are not aware of that could pose a health risk. Due to the adrenaline of the situation, it is very possible to feel no pain even though you have serious injuries, even including broken bones. The first thing you should always do is call 911. No matter how minor you think the accident was, you should always call emergency response. A police officer or medical professional can evaluate whether or not going to the hospital really is necessary. It usually is, but not always. It actually is possible that you do not need to go to the emergency room, but only a trained professional should make that call.

Is an Ambulance Ride Needed?

If you do need to go to the emergency room, another question that will pop up is whether you need an ambulance ride to get there. If you are both conscious and able to move, chances are good that an ambulance ride is unnecessary. Many people do not realize it can cost multiple thousands of dollars to accept this ride. Also, most insurers only cover it if it is medically necessary. Unless constant supervision by a paramedic is required, it is nothing more than a very expensive car ride. Victims who are bike riders are put in a bit of an unusual situation since they may only have their bike to transport themselves. It may be convenient to ride in the ambulance, but this is not a good reason to pay for it. If it is seriously painful to move or you ever lost consciousness, it is best to accept the ride. Remember that once you have sorted out your health, you should always contact a personal injury lawyer who specializes in bicycle accidents. Choosing a specialist can make the entire legal process much more successful.

Source: personal injury lawyer Hillcrest Heights, MD, Cohen Lawyers.