Going on a bike ride should be a pleasant and fun experience, but all too often people get seriously hurt because car drivers are reckless and don’t watch out for a bicyclist’s presence often enough. One minute you may be enjoying your ride and taking in the views, and the next minute you find yourself on the ground and in immense pain. Unfortunately, as a bicyclist, you cannot always trust that a driver is aware of your presence and that they are going to be respectful of your safety. For this reason, bicyclists are encouraged to learn more about what they can do to help protect against a serious bicycle accident from happening to them. 

Wear Gear and Visible Equipment 

By wearing clothing that is highly visible, it allows you to be more easily seen by drivers. From ankle gear to jerseys, the color you opt for must be bright, but fluorescent is ideal. As a personal injury lawyer bicyclists trust from Disparti Law Group explains, a driver’s lights will reflect on the brighter tones and make you stand out. The more gear you have and the more glowing the colors, the better. 

Choose The Safer Lane Position

Another tip to reduce the chances of a bike crash is where you ride in the lanes. If there is a bike lane, then use it. Every bicyclist has the individual choice to decide where they are going to position themselves, especially when sharing the road. Bicyclists must prioritize what is safest based on the road conditions and the time of day. Never ride against traffic, always in the same direction and flow. 

Utilize Hand Signals

Learn hand signals and use them. Utilize the signals at every move you make. This practice is important whether you are riding by yourself or in a group. Use the appropriate hand gesture and point to the direction that you want to go so the driver knows what your next maneuver is. The main takeaway is that you need to be clear and obvious with your signals, allow time for your hand signals to be seen, and then make predictable moves accordingly. 

Use Bicycle Mirror
Another way to heighten your bicycle riding safety is to use a bike mirror. Statistically, getting rear ended while on a bike is the least likely way that an accident will happen, but it’s still worth taking precautions. You won’t have to look in your mirror all the time, but as frequently as needed to ensure your safety. A mirror is useful in situations where a commercial vehicle, bus, or motorhome passes you quickly without much space between you. In this situation, you may lose control of your bike. But with a mirror, you can be more aware of your surroundings.

Drivers should practice more diligence in watching out for bicyclists. But since not all drivers can be trusted to operate their vehicle with consideration for others, bicyclists have to take matters into their own hands and take every precaution possible to enhance their safety.