A divorce causes significant upheaval, no matter how long you have been married, or the reason for the divorce. A lot of this upheaval is financial, because you are preparing to divide your income and expenses that you are accustomed to sharing.

This may cause you to worry about how you are going to be able to afford to live. Point of the matter is, when two spouses live together for an extended period of time and because they are married, typically the finances are halved or otherwise divided. This means that one person does not have to think about whether they make enough to pay all the bills. Someone else is always there to help pay for it. But with divorce comes loss of financial support from your spouse.

In the same vein, as being worried about losing your spouse’s income, you could be worried about supporting yourself and your spouse. If you are going through a divorce, it is possible that you have to consider the topic of alimony. Reach out to an alimony lawyer in Alameda County, CA, to further discuss your options when it comes to alimony.

Alimony is also referred to as spousal support. This is an amount of money that is paid from one spouse to another. The basis behind alimony or spousal support is to allow the spouse that makes more money, or is more financially secure, to support their other spouse to last in any Financial hardships.

Determining whether alimony is necessary, and how much you would be paying out or being paid, is crucial to your California divorce. If you are seeking alimony, whether or not it is awarded might have an effect on your future financial health. The same can be sad if you’re going to be the spouse that is responsible for paying alimony. 

An alimony lawyer in Alameda County, CA, is going to be the best person to help you work out spousal support or alimony arrangements. Whether you are negotiating an amount of alimony payments on your own or the court is doing it, the financial impact of that decision can have a long-term lasting effect. 

In California you can modify your alimony payments, the duration or the amount of money that is being received can be modified. The only exception to this rule is if the original order or settlement agreement dictating that one spouse is paying alimony and the other is receiving, has language that makes alimony non-modifiable.
If you are curious about whether you can alter your alimony payments or the duration at which you receive your alimony payments, you should talk to an alimony lawyer in Alameda County, CA to discuss your options. Your lawyer is going to be aware of divorce laws and laws surrounding alimony in your state, and is going to have experience working in the industry. Lawyers such as the ones available at AttorneyBernie.com can guide you and make this experience less stressful.