Personal Injury Lawyer

It can be devastating when someone’s careless actions cause you to suffer an injury. However, if you are not the confrontational sort, then it may be difficult for you to pursue legal action. While potentially admirable, by failing to take action, you may be freeing others of liability, meaning you are stuck with paying those piling medical bills while also being sidelined from work during your recovery. Pursuing legal recourse does not mean you are a terrible or vindictive person; it only means that you want restitution for the harm that was done to you. However, if you are still struggling with the idea of hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit, then review the four main reasons you should.

  1. Severe Injuries

While there are varying definitions of severe injuries, they all account for the type of injury sustained, costs of medical treatment and recovery time. Therefore, if you are severely injured to the point that your rehabilitation and medical bills have exceeded your personal coverage, then you may want to consider a lawsuit to, at the very least, recoup some of your medical expenses.

  1. Long-Term Injuries or Permanent Disability

Also, while short-term injuries are one thing, long-term injuries or permanent disabilities create a different problem. Sure, they share in the need for medical expense recovery, but these injuries may lead to a loss of wages or a necessary change in your career. If you have sustained such an injury, then it is likely in your best interest to seek damages in the form of lost and future wages as well as pain and suffering, if permitted in your state.

  1. Insurance Company Refuses to Cooperate

Filing a lawsuit is ultimately your decision. However, when you are forced to deal with an insurer not willing to cooperate, or one who uses sneaky and questionable tactics to trick you into accepting some or full liability, then a lawsuit may be your only form of recourse.

  1. Unclear Liability or Multiple Parties

There are also instances where liability is unclear or where multiple parties exist. In these situations, it is wise to talk with a lawyer about the potential of a lawsuit because an insurer may avoid the situation altogether.

While frivolous lawsuits are a nuisance, real claims are not. It is understandable if you are uncomfortable with the idea of legal action because most people have little to no experience with it. However, if you have been seriously injured, or if an insurer is not acting in good faith, then you owe it to yourself to seek restitution. Contact a personal injury attorney for assistance.