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If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of bicycle accident law, you’re not alone. Many cyclists familiarize themselves with the law regarding riding, but don’t think about what they’d do if they were involved in an accident. If you were involved in a bicycle accident, you may have some questions you’d like answered. The following are three common questions bicycle accident attorneys hear.

  1. How Do I Prove Fault in an Accident With a Car?

One of the best ways to prove the driver was at fault when you are in an accident on your bike is to have an accurate police report on your side. Even if you don’t initially feel like you’ve gotten injured, it’s important to contact the authorities so a report can be made. There may be an injury that presents itself later, and you will want the law on your side so you can receive compensation for that injury.

Another way to prove fault is to collect evidence at the scene of the accident. Take pictures of the roadway or intersection where the accident occurred. Get skid marks from the car in your pictures, and make sure they show the bike lane or crosswalk you were in. Document the speed limit, the time of day and other important information, and gather witness statements that corroborate your story.

  1. Who Is Liable If I’m Hit by a Car Door?

If you were hit by a car door, there could be two ways to look at it. First, the driver of the car could have not been paying attention and opened their door into you. Second, you could have been looking the other way and plowed into a door that was already open. With the help of your lawyer, you’ll have to prove it was the driver who opened the car door into you as you passed by. If you can successfully do that, you could receive considerable compensation for your injuries.

  1. Can I Be Sued If I Hit a Parked Car While Riding My Bike?

Unfortunately, yes. If you were negligent in riding your bike and you hit a parked car, you could be sued to cover the damages done to the car. There are exceptions, such as if the car were parked in the bike lane and you had traffic on the other side that prevented you from moving over. In that case, your lawyer would have to prove it was a mere accident and you were not liable. In either situation, it’s important to have a lawyer represent you.

Hiring an Attorney

For more answers to your questions, or to hire a lawyer to handle your case, contact a bicycle accident attorney today.

Source: Car Accident Lawyer Baltimore, MD, Greenberg Law Offices